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Netflix Acquires International Rights Of PBS Docuseries ‘Human: The World Within’

Netflix has acquired overseas rights of the new hyped up PBS Human series: The World Within. It is also set to arrive as Netflix Original in many regions outside the United States on June 4, 2021

If you look at the advanced science, you’ll be restricted to a rigid school of thought but this series of documentaries narrated by Jad Abumrad looks at various aspects of the human body in a variety of stories from around the world.

Netflix Original Series

Jad Abumrad is a well-known broadcaster and producer working with Latif Nasser on RadioLab.

Nasser himself recently released his Netflix Original series, Connected which he was told could return for the second season but is waiting for the world to reopen from COVID lockdowns.

The 6 episodes (lasting about 53 minutes each) will be aired on Netflix simultaneously broadcast on PBS weekly between May 5 and June 2, 2021.

What’s In The Series?

The review of the docu series was strong although there’s not a huge number to go of indicating that its release on PBS has largely gone unwatched.

Episodes include:

  • Birth
  • Pulse
  • Fuel
  • Defend
  • Sense
  • React

Whether the series will wind up on Netflix in the United States remains to be seen, however. In recent years, PBS has pulled back its content from streaming on Netflix in favor of its own means of distribution whether that be through PBS’s website or through their Amazon Prime channels.

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