List Of All The Famous Netflix Shows Cancelled In 2021 News

List Of All The Famous Netflix Shows Cancelled In 2021

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Time icon May 7, 2021

Netflix cancellation is something no Netflix fans would ever like to hear.

It’s hard enough to invest in new shows from scratch so when they are canceled it makes it very difficult to digest. 2021 has seen the cancellation of many high-profile shows so here is a new list of web-series canceled or scheduled to end by 2021.

If you want to see all the big cancellations up to 2021, there is a cancellation bible on official Netflix website that tells the majority of Netflix cancellations between 2013 and 2020.

Now here is the full list of Netflix canceled shows for 2021;

La Révolution

Number of days in US Top 10: 1 days

Number of days in France Top 10: 26 days

One of the biggest Netflix Original shows to appear in France is the timeline of the drama La Révolution which sadly did not do enough to secure a second season.


Number of days in US Top 10: 2 days

Number of days in Mexico Top 10: 27 days

The makers of the Spanish-Mexican language series took to Instagram to say that Netflix had chosen not to renew Monarca for the third season and it looks like they have not been officially notified of the cancellation but instead reached their own conclusions.

The Duchess

Number of days in US Top 10: 0 days

Number of days in the UK Top 10: 12 days

The cancellation was revealed in a podcast where the lead of this British comedy show has revealed that the Duchess will not return for season 2 on Netflix.

Katherine Ryan did reveal, however roughly how many people did check out the show saying it had around 10 million viewers. We’re assuming this is the 2-minute metric.

The Irregulars

Number of days in US Top 10: 18 days

Number of days in the UK Top 10: 27 days

After just one season, The Irregulars was sent out by the Netflix department despite receiving strong reviews and was thought to be part of the big Netflix commercial in the Sherlock Holmes kingdom.

The series is touted as a hit by beating out Marvel’s popular program in the Nielsen top 10s in the US but even that wasn’t enough to run it for a successive season.

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