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Mahira Khan Shares Eid Makeup Tutorial For All The Ladies To Slay; Already Over 100K Views

Mahira Khan is considered one of the best and finest actor in the Lollywood as well as the Bollywood industry. Mahira Khan is best known for her series Humsafar.

Mahira Khan recently gave a little tutorial on the look of Eid glam.

Eid Glam Tips By Mahira Khan

The 25-minute long video contains various tips and tricks that the Raees actress learned throughout her career.

Mahira also provided some very helpful tips on eyebrow makeup.

The only products Mahira used in the tutorial were hydrating face sheet mask, moisturizer, sunblock cream, concealer, blush, eyebrow pencil, mascara, lipstick, and all of were applied to her face lightly. Let’s watch the video:

This tutorial is very helpful for those who want to get a new glam look with minimal makeup, this is a way to do makeup for them specifically.

Mahira Khan Made It To Most Influential Woman List Of 2020

The BBC published its annual list of 100 inspiring and influential women on the planet for 2020.

Not so surprisingly, Mahira Khan is featured in this list. “In a year of incredible change, it is only fitting that we acknowledge the female leaders who have helped us weather the storm,” BBC commented about releasing this influential list.

The actress is not an ordinary celebrity. She has remained outspoken about global issues which are important and need attention.

Mahira Khan has been chosen, BBC mentioned in its statement as she is ‘outspoken’ about several issues.

Mahira has also been honored with her name in the list for her popularity as an accomplished actress. BBC statement read, “She’s been a firm favorite with audiences ever since starting out as an MTV video jockey (VJ) in 2006.” It also added, “She wants to tackle social issues in her native Pakistan by changing the narrative in films and on TV.”

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