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MrBeast Runs Away In A Private Jet From An FBI Agent In His New Video

Viral YouTuber Mr Beast is well-known for giving away millions of dollars worth of products. To date, he has given away things like gaming consoles such as PS5, Xbox, cash to strangers, hundred thousand worth of coupon codes, and what not!

But why on earth is he getting chased by an FBI agent in his latest video on YouTube?

The FBI Hunt

The video is titled ‘I Got Hunted By The FBI’.

Well, to not give you all the spoilers but ensure that you know what’s happening, this is MrBeast’s new viral content idea.

The FBI agent was tapped by MrBeast to take part in the video and Jimmy aka MrBeast has $100,000 which will be awarded to the FBI Agent’s team if they catch Jimmy.

8 Million Views In 10 Hours

To run away from the FBI agent and his team, MrBeast pulls off many notorieties in the video. One of them being puncturing the tyre of the FBI Agent’s car and then flying off in a private jet to Washington DC! (Shush.. no more spoilers).

The latest video is a massive hit and has fetched over 8 million views in less than 12 hours. The comments section was flooded with appreciation for the brilliant content idea and fans of MrBeast are loving it! Have you watched the video yet? Tell us in the comments.

Other Viral Videos

In March, MrBeast gave away houses for literally just $1 to people. It’s more like a ‘give away’ than an actual sale of the house.

He and his team sold $1 houses. There were a total of 5 houses up for sale.


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