Mr Beast Gave Away Houses For Just $1 In His Latest Viral Video News

Mr Beast Gave Away Houses For Just $1 In His Latest Viral Video

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Time icon March 7, 2021

Viral YouTuber Mr Beast is well-known for giving away millions of dollars worth of products. To date, he has given away things like gaming consoles such as PS5, Xbox, cash to strangers, hundred thousand worth of coupon codes, and what not!

Now Mr Beast has done something more unique than ever! He gave away houses for literally just $1 to people. It’s more like a ‘give away’ than an actual sale of the house.

The latest video on Mr Beast’s channel has over 9 million views at the time I am writing this and it is going viral. He and his team sold $1 houses. There were a total of 5 houses up for sale.

What’s The Catch?

All of the houses were grand, lavish and well-furnished on the inside. The first house was purchased by a stranger who came across the advertisement board placed outside the house. Mr Beast waited around 45 minutes for the first customer to come by.


The to-be new owner was flabbergasted and couldn’t believe the massive discount offering! ‘What’s the catch’, he asked. ‘There’s no catch.’ says Mr Beast. The client was still skeptical as seen in the video and he went on to say ‘there gotta be a catch’.

Mr Beast showed the guy his YouTube channel and other give-away videos. The deal was closed!

The house had a separate gaming room, theatre and also a personal gym.

The New Neighbours

Up next for sale were 2 houses which were right next to each other. To spice things up, Mr Beast did not take the help of a mundane advertisement board outside the house but instead rented out a street billboard to advertise the $1 house.

As expected, few people crashed in at the location to buy the offering. The houses were quickly sold and Mr Beast introduced the neighbours to each other.

Pleasant Bath Tub Surprise

Other than the house, Mr Beast surprised the new owners with a bath-tub full of cash. The amount was unknown but it sure did look a handsome present.


When the next prospective customers arrived to buy the house, unfortunately for them, the deal was gone! Mr beast did not turn them away empty-handed but rather gifted them with plastic bags full of cash.

‘Your kids just got rich,’ he said jokingly to the family.

Mr Beast has more than 53 million subscribers and is known for giving millions of dollars away on his platform.

Other Houses

The fourth house was given to someone in need rather than being sold for a dollar. And the fifth house was won by Mr Beast’s team members following a competition of who can get the most pennies.

Mr Beast then showed around the house to all the new owners and along with the home tour went on to give few more surprises.

There’s also an on-going giveway worth $100,000 that Mr Beast is doing. Here’s the complete video. And by the way, it’s trending #1. Enjoy!

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