Minecraft YouTubers Dethrone Joe Rogan From Top Spot Of Spotify Podcast Charts

Joe Rogan, the legend of Podcasting world has been thrown off from the first rank of Spotify Podcast Charts! Joe Rogan’s Rise to Fame has been tremendous and it sounds pretty unbelievable that he has been knocked off from the top spot but that’s what the truth is.

Minecraft YouTubers Sapnap and Karl Jacobs were able to dethrone Joe Rogan’s The Joe Rogan Podcast from Spotify Charts when they released the first every episode of their podcast Banter with MrBeast.

Banter Vs The Joe Rogan Experience

The debut episode of Banter had the famous viral YouTuber MeBeast as a guest. He talked about his YouTuber journey and also gave insights into his personal life.

However, one things is for sure! Joe Rogan is not going to stay at the second place for long and will be back very soon to reclaim the top spot. After all, it wouldn’t be feeling like home to Joe Rogan down there.

Spotify Exclusive

The Joe Rogan Podcast is the most popular Podcast on the planet. Since 2009, Joe Rogan is killing it with his podcast content. There are many different celebrities who are invited as guest on the UFC commentator’s podcast and they discuss topics ranging from current affairs to controversies and everything in between.

Joe Rogan agreed to a massive monetary deal that saw Spotify buy the exclusive rights to his podcast to be streamed on their platform.

Joe Rogan’s podcast accounted for 5% total listens on Spotify charts in its first month of signing the exclusive deal.

The UFC commentator was recently the center of a massive controversy when he claimed to have self-treated himself for COVID using Ivermectin.


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