Joe Rogan Claims He Consumed ‘Ivermectin’ To Self-Treat Coronavirus News

Joe Rogan Claims He Consumed ‘Ivermectin’ To Self-Treat Coronavirus

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September 2, 2021

The host of the most elite podcast on the planet, Joe Rogan has come under criticism for claiming to ingest ‘ivermectin’ drug to self-treat his illness.

In a video that Joe Rogan shared on his Twitter handle yesterday, he revealed that he was tested positive for COVID. To treat himself, the Podcast host consumed a livestock drug named ‘Ivermectin’ along with some other ‘kitchen sink of meds’.

Even though the FDA has strictly warned against ingestion of Ivermectin with the purpose of treating viruses, Joe Rogan says he feels ‘great’ now.

What Is Ivermectin Used For?

Ivermectin is mostly used to treat heart worm in animals. The human use is restricted to only people who suffer with parasitic worms, according to the FDA.

A lesser version, “topical Ivermectin,” may be used to treat “head lice and rosacea.” The FDA has also clearly sent out a warning earlier that “taking large doses of this drug is dangerous and can cause serious harm.”

So why would Joe Rogan just eat Ivermectin tablets for treating COVID?

Because he is not a fan of vaccines (anti-vaxcer) and traditional treatment for COVID. In the past as well, Joe Rogan has passed some controversial comments about coronavirus and its treatment.

Reactions And Criticism

In reaction to Joe Rogan self-treating himself for coronavirus, many Internet users were enraged. Radio producer Jack Schwartz reposted Joe’s video and captioned it “stop taking horse de-wormer.” Have a look here:

Other users made fun of Joe Rogan for “trusting his immune system” while still swallowing “monoclonal antibodies.”

Another Twitter user, talking about Joe Rogan consuming Ivermectin to treat his illness, said that the use of the tablet was “right there” on the box.