Minecraft Streamer Tubbo Banned From His Own Twitch Stream Chat – How?

In a bizarre turn of events, we saw Twitch streamer Tubbo get banned from his own Twitch stream’s chat! It sounds ridiculous if you think a little bit deeper about it.

While a Twitch streamer is supposed to have all the rights to moderate and take necessary actions in his Twitch chat, here, Tubbo himself was locked out! He was banned from the chat and was not able to perform any action until a ‘moderator’ would unban him.

Minecraft Stream

Tubbo has gained over 4 million followers within a span of one year. He is a pro at playing Minecraft and has got a loyal fan base. The incident happened when he was streaming with fellow gamers Ranboo and 5up.

Tubbo showed his phone at the camera to prove that he was unable to see anything going on in the chat due to the ban.

“Wait, what?” Tubbo said shockingly. “I just got banned from my own Twitch chat. ‘You are banned from chat. You are unable to participate unless a moderator unbans you’” he read out loud on camera.

How Is It Possible?

The incident sounds bizarre and is definitely one of its kind on Twitch but the main question arises.. how is this even possible?

The only possible rebuttal to what happened with Minecraft gamer Tubbo is that Twitch staff might have done that.

Because of course, at any given point, only Twitch-authorities have the access to disable anyone’s chat. When we say anyone, we literally mean ‘anyone’! It could be the Stream owner himself, just like what happen in Tubbo’s case.

Even though the reason behind Tubbo being banned from his own stream’s chat is unclear, he was soon unbanned and was able to use the chat feature!

The stream was great having 84,000 viewers at its peak view count. Tell us what do you think about Tubbo’s mysterious ban in the comments.


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