Twitch Fame xQc Disappointed Over ‘Weird Sh*t’ That Streamers Are Facing

When we talk about Twitch streamer xQc, it’s not just about one individual. It certainly got to be a bigger message for the whole Twitch community.

Twitch Streamer and Internet Celebrity ‘xQc’ recently expressed his frustration and disappointment with the state of Twitch.

‘What The F**k Is Happening’

xQc believes that streaming has gotten very ‘odd’ lately and the reason is the increased swatting and other ‘weird sh*t’ that streamers are facing on Twitch.

While xQc has been swatted many times during streams, it was not just about him. He also talked about Kaitlyn Amouranth whose house was attacked by an arsonist. xQc said ‘what the f**k is happening’?

“Streaming has just gotten really… I wouldn’t say it’s a sad reality, but it’s just very odd. It’s just gotten really odd,” xQc said.

“I don’t know what it is about right now, but a bunch of creators, if not all top creators, are all getting swatted and sh*t. Somebody tried to burn down Amouranth’s house. Somebody broke into my house. Like, what the f**k is happening?”

‘It Just Shouldn’t Be A Thing’

Certainly he is not then only Twitch streamer facing these issues. In the past other famous creators like Pokimane and Rachel Volkyrae have also experienced this stuff.

Some creators even have to change their address to avoid getting stalked or swatted. All of this is making xQc unhappy and disturbed.

xQc said the reason behind why such things happen are not important because it just shouldn’t be a thing! “People are just doing really weird sh*t. I don’t care about the why. It just shouldn’t be a thing,” he said.

He is one of the top creators on the platform. He faced the fifth ban of his streaming career last week when his account was suspended. However, the account was reinstated after a few hours. If you’re interested to know the complete story, click here.


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