Season 9 of Dexter takes place over a two-week period

The ninth season of Dexter takes place over two weeks. The beloved Showtime series aired what was thought to be its final episode in 2013.

After leaving his life in Miami behind, Dexter (Michael C. Hall) changes its name to a distant village in Oregon to work as a lumberjack in the season 8 finale, an ending that many thought was out of place and undeserved, and rapidly became one of television’s most hated series finales.

Dexter Season 9

Clyde Phillips, the series’ original showrunner who left after season 4, is now returned for a comeback season dubbed New Blood. Phillips is well aware of the negative reaction to the season 8 finale from fans and is on a mission to save the show.

Hall, John Lithgow, and Jennifer Carpenter, who starred in the original series, are all returning for the revival. Dexter’s son Harrison (Jack Alcott) will also return, according to a previously published image. Season 9 will follow the titular serial killer to a small fictional town in upstate New York, and the duration of the story has finally been revealed.

Season 9 “takes place over the course of nearly two weeks in Dexter’s life,” according to a recent article from Variety, which interviewed Hall, Phillips, and Carpenter about the upcoming comeback.

However, neither the showrunner nor anybody else on the New Blood team would say whether the revival season’s 10th episode provides a satisfying conclusion, leaving the door open for more episodes.

Hall also revealed in the interview that Dexter has been a wanderer for the eight years after the season 8 conclusion, before settling down in the snowy town of Iron Lake for the forthcoming season.

There have been plenty of teases so far about what Dexter will be up to in this small town thanks to trailers and other parts of Dexter’s promotional campaign. There, Dexter has been operating under the alias Jim Lindsay, battling to keep his dark secret hidden while also forming a romantic relationship with Angela, the Chief of Police (Julia Jones).

Season 9 will only have ten episodes, as opposed to the previous eight seasons, which all had twelve episodes. As a result, it’s usually best if the story takes place over a shorter period of time. This season also appears to be a more personal, family-oriented story for Dexter, so the smaller-scale story fits the small-town vibe perfectly.

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