Jake Paul Says He Is Sure About A Fight With Conor McGregor In 36 Months

The YouTuber-turned Professional Boxer is taking the combat sports world by storm with his extraordinary skills and wins. Jake Paul is 4-0 as a professional boxer currently and will face Tommy Fury for his fifth professional fight on December 18.

While Jake Paul has always managed to fight big names like Tyron Woodley and Ben Askren, he still hasn’t been able to convince Irish UFC champ Conor McGregor for a boxing match.

Jake Paul Vs Conor McGregor

Jake Paul called out Conor McGregor and offered him lots of money to get in the ring. However, the Irish MMA star Conor McGregor did not give any attention to Jake Paul.

Recently, Conor McGregor even ignored a question about Jake Paul and said that he just ‘doesn’t care’. But wait a moment.. Jake Paul isn’t among those who admit defeat easily.

Ahead of Jake Paul Vs Tommy Fury, the fighter has claimed that he will definitely fight Conor McGregor and ‘it’s real’.

What Did Jake Say?

“It’s very real,” Paul said of a possible fight vs McGregor. “I think that fight happens in the next 48 months , 36 months. For sure.”

Jake Paul called Conor McGregor a ‘fuck*ng loser’ and said that he needs Jake Paul more than Jake needs him.

“It makes financial sense. At this point, he needs me more than I need him. He’s a fucking loser, he’s a drunk motherf****r running around with his bulls***… The guy’s a mess.”

A fight between Jake and Conor easily has the potential to be the highest selling PPV fight in history but what happens is yet to be seen.

Who do you think if Jake Paul Vs Conor McGregor goes through? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.


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