Fans Congratulate Addison Rae On Pregnancy But There Is A Plot Twist

Social media is bizarre place. Rumors and gossips spread like wild fire and something similar happened when TikTok sensation Addison Rae started receiving comments that were congratulating her on pregnancy.

The comment section of Addison Rae’s TikToks was filled with congratulatory messages for her first baby. But what was actually going on here? Did Addison Rae announce her pregnancy?

Addison Rae is one of the most followed TikTokers on the planet. She ranks third in the most followed TikTokers list. With over 85 million followers on the platform, the star has also ventured into music, movies, and business.

The Comemnts

Addison Rae was seen in the Netflix remake ‘He’s All That’ and also owns a beauty brand. She received comments that were congratulating her for her first baby but all of this started out as a giant joke!

Comments under Addison Rae’s posts were as such:

  • “I’m so excited for the pregnancy!”
  • “Can’t wait for the baby! Congrats.”
  • “Omg congrats on the baby”

The Plot Twist

All of this began when another TikToker by the username of Old Rod posted a video in which he revealed his intentions to start a ‘big rumor for no reason at all’.

In that video, Old Rod suggested that “Why don’t we all just comment on Addison Rae’s posts congratulating her on her pregnancy? Like what’s stopping us confusing people that aren’t in on the joke?”

This is where it all began and after it reached to the comments section of Addison Rae’s post, many fans were left puzzled. Those who did not know that TikToker Old Rod had started the giant prank were wondering whether Addison Rae announced her pregnancy on some other platform.

However, it has been 100% clear that Addison Rae has not announced her pregnancy. All the comments are a part of a big rumor that was created for no reason at all. That’s social media for you!

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