‘I Don’t Care:’ Conor McGregor Ignores Question About Jake Paul

Jake Paul made history on August 29th when he defeated UFC Welterweight Tyron Woodley via split decision. The YouTuber turned Pro-Boxer extended his winning streak to 4-0, being the only influencer boxer to hold such a feat.

Jake Paul claims to be ‘the face of the fight game’ and is already eyeing his next opponent. While it isn’t certain who Jake Paul will fight next, ConorMcGregor seems a likely and challenging opponent.

Jake Paul Challenged Conor McGregor

After Jake Paul’s 3-0 win earlier, he took a jibe at Conor, calling him out for a boxing match publicly.

Jake Paul offered a $50 Million bag to the UFC legend to take the fight. However, McGregor wasn’t interested. Conor already had an important UFC fight coming up during that time!

In July, Conor McGregor’s trilogy bout with Dustin Poirier at UFC 264 was to take place. However, the fight had to be stopped after Conor broke his ankle. He is still recovering from the injury.

‘What Do You Think About Jake Paul?’

Recently, a paparazzi spotted Conor after he came out from one of his physical therapy sessions. The fighter looked in good spirits and seems to be recovering quickly.

Conor McGregor had some good talk with the pap who was filming him but when the paparazzi asked Conor ‘what do you think about Jake Paul?, he said ‘ah.. I don’t really care’ and immediately switched the topic.

While we might see Conor and Jake Paul in the ring together, the way McGregor ignored a question about YouTuber Jake Paul shows his light hearted attitude towards him.

Do you think Jake Paul stands any chance in the ring with Conor McGregor if they happen to fight it out? Tell us in the comments.


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