Hunter Echo Apologizes For Sexualized Comments On Millie Bobby Brown; Blames It On Alcohol News

Hunter Echo Apologizes For Sexualized Comments On Millie Bobby Brown; Blames It On Alcohol

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Time icon July 15, 2021

After Millie Bobby Brown’s team threatened legal action, Hunter Echo is now apologizing for his comments. For people who are unaware, Hunter went live on July 12th on Instagram to comment on his previous relationship with Stranger Things star, Millie.

He was 20 years old at the time of the relationship while Millie was only 16. This led to immense backlash as many users called him a paedophile on Instagram as well as on Twitter. The TikToker shared a video on the video-making platform and acknowledged the situation. He apologized for the comments he made on the actress.

Hunter said, “That shouldn’t have happened in the first place because it was a stupid idea on my part to think it was gonna be okay to just continue to go live as it was getting more and more negative in the comments. I probably live-streamed for two to three hours and in those two to three hours I was just getting more and more drunk.”

The TikToker further claimed that the comments were unbased which only led to him making more sexualized comments. He claimed that he is not trying to justify anything he said. After his apology, users commented on the video posted on Instagram and said his apology does not make it better.

One user wrote, “Nope! I do not accept your apology for talking about a CHILD like that”. Another user stated, “He’s like ‘people are making things up..’ DUDE…we are repeating what YOU said.” And on TikTok, many users were offended on behalf of Millie. Hunter also clarified in the comments section of his own video that their relationship was consensual even if they were four years apart. The Tiktoker also mentioned that the two lived together with the permission of Millie’s parents.

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