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Addison Rae Receives Massive Backlash After Revealing She’s Working As UFC Reporter

Addison Rae is receiving major backlash after she announced that she would be working as a reporter at the UFC. The influencer had posted few pictures of herself on her social media handle.

She wrote, “I studied broadcast journalism in college for 3 whole months to prepare for this moment”. The official handle of UFC also posted a clipping of Forrest Griffin introducing a new boxer to the team. And that was Addison herself. Forrest currently is the Vice President of Athlete Development at the UFC Performance Institute.

The Vice President in the video said that he got a chance to work with Addison and coach her. He added that she is the best talent he has ever seen and is now a fighting expert. The influencer was seen in the background of the video as she was posing for the camera.

However, this did not go down well with people. Fans were upset to see the influencer take up the role of a reporter for UFC when many more skilled and educated journalists deserved the position. They were disappointed to see her get the chance to be a journalist simply because of her popularity.

Many users complained on Twitter as one said that she is stealing jobs from those more deserving. Another said that they have been working hard for the last 10 years. While a user said, “just 3 months? i think someone more successful that has studied at least a whole year for this deserves it but ofc let’s pick the lil famous tik tok girl that records herself dancing”.

Journalists Voice Out Their Opinion

But people were not happy about her training to fight either. A user said they are going to cancel their PPV for this and go to an illegal stream. While another simply wrote cringe and a user said, “bro what world we living in Addison Rae doing ufc interviews now”.

Even news anchor Kyle Beachy from HOI ABC voiced their opinion to Twitter. He wrote, “Lmao. Amateur. Doesn’t know how to hold a mic, posture is poor, not looking at the camera, dress sucks (D-) and necklace is cringe.” Sports reporter H Tyler Seggerman also shared that it is completely insensitive to all the hardworking women in journalism.

Addison is yet to comment on the backlash and clearly, people are not happy.

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