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Tom Hiddleston Agrees Alligator Loki is the Superior Variant

Tom Hiddleston has decided who the most important or superior Loki variant is and it is none other than alligator Loki. The Disney+ series came to an exciting and explosive end and the effect of the Loki series will be felt throughout other ventures moving forward.

Loki spent its first season getting to know the character and dissecting the God of Mischief and pitting him against alternate versions of himself. The most important Loki in the series was the female Loki, Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino). But we also saw a Loki who survived in Avengers: Infinity War, Classic Loki (Richard E. Grant).

Last week’s episode included the most number of variants of Loki as Tom’s Loki woke up in the void after being pruned. There were many Lokis present but the most important one which caught the internet’s eye was Gator Loki. Fans were extremely thrilled to see an alligator with Loki’s signature horns around it. But they also questioned if the variant was truly a Loki variant.

However, it has now been proved that even Tom is a fan of the creature and is willing to give him his throne. The actor recently took part in a Q&A session on Tumblr in honour of the Loki finale. He answered several intriguing questions and also revealed who is the superior Loki. Tom shared that he has been playing the character of Loki for 11 years and he has given everything he can.

“And I have given everything I can only to be upstaged; perhaps inevitably, by the one true Loki, the superior Loki, which is Alligator Loki”

The actor added that despite that, he was upstaged “inevitably” by the one true Loki, the superior Loki which is Alligator Loki. He further said, You know I sort of knew it was coming. I felt I was going to be substituted at some point. And I’m glad it’s finally happened. Alligator Loki has arrived. And, yeah, thrown his hat down. And the rest of us simply have to get out of the way at this point.”

Alligator Loki became the fan favourite just like Baby Yoda did from The Mandalorian. Gator Loki has already become several pieces of art and Grant suggested that he get a spin-off with Classic Loki. But what makes Gator Loki more special is that it was inspired by a real-life emotional support animal; adding to it an extra level of realism.

Although none of us knows if the variants of Loki will be brought back in the second season; we do know that Gator Loki might be on top of fans’ wish lists. Even Tom Hiddleston doesn’t deny that alligator Loki is the VIP from the first season.

Which Loki was your favourite other than alligator Loki? Let us know in the comments below.

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