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Hotter, Cooler, Sweeter variants of BTS’s song “Butter” is released

Despite the fact that their latest hit, ‘Butter,’ has spent three weeks at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart, BTS has already produced three remixes of the song in the last few days. The numerous variations of ‘Butter,’ such as ‘Hotter,’ ‘Cooler,’ and ‘Sweeter,’ capture distinct vibes, with the first two even having their own music videos.

The remixes likely aided ‘Butter’s record-breaking run, a method BTS successfully employed with their previous Billboard Hot 100 #1, ‘Dynamite’ (2020). There were nine remixes of ‘Dynamite,’ including the ‘Slow Jam,’ ‘Midnight,’ ‘Retro,’ ‘Bedroom,’Acoustic,’EDM,’Tropical,’ and’Poolside’ remixes.

The vast level of ‘Dynamite’ remixes led some fans to believe that BTS’s record company, Big Hit (now known as HYBE), was milking the group’s music for all it was worth. While that attitude is not without merit, the practise is part of a bigger trend among international artists who want to spend as much time as possible on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, which measures how popular their music is in the North American market.

What is the Billboard Hot 100 and how does it work?

The remixes featured below rely on one of the Hot 100’s most important features: all official versions of a song are treated as a single entry on the chart. To establish the chart ranking, all of the ‘Old Town Road’ versions and the original — or, in this case, ‘Butter’ — would be combined. This means that for a map artist or record company, publishing many versions of a song makes sense.

Of course, not all remixes revolve around songs from the charts: Remixing has been around since the 1960s and 1970s in Jamaican music, and it may also be found in early hip-hop. To make them even more club-friendly, pop standards have been altered with longer arrangements or additional instrumentation. Artists may remix or re-edit their own recordings in order to improve on work that has become unacceptable. Remixes are here to remain, whether for artistic or economic reasons.

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