GOT7’s Mark Tuan Worries Fans With Insta Story & Deletes Posts, Fans Hope It’s For Album News

GOT7’s Mark Tuan Worries Fans With Insta Story & Deletes Posts, Fans Hope It’s For Album

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October 19, 2021

Mark Tuan of GOT7 has recently made headlines for turning heads at Paris Fashion Week. Fans and locals have been adoring him since he attended multiple fashion events in memorable clothes that could only be compared to the models’.

Fans of GoT7 have been waiting eagerly for him to release his solo debut album, which he has been working on. They, on the other hand, are concerned after discovering his Instagram account on October 19.

The idol archived or deleted all of his posts on his social media handle and changed his display icon to a black circle. He also shared an Instagram Story with the caption, “I’m trying my best can’t you tell?” Some fans are concerned that the GOT7 member is dealing with a major illness. They’ve been flooding his Twitter account with encouraging remarks. Mark has previously been the target of multiple stalkers who have harassed him and his family.

But irrespective of that, some fans are trying to stay positive and hoping this is not something to worry about. They are wondering that it might be some sort of spoiler or announcement for his debut album. Usually, K-Pop idols in general clear their social media when started their new chapter.

Idols like Yugyeom and Wonho from GOT7 had also deleted or archives all of their Instagram posts before announcing their solo album. Ahgases are badly hoping that the story Mark shared is the lyrics for one of his new songs.

Ahgases Are Assuming Everything Is Fine

Mark’s photographs from a few weeks ago suggested that he was filming for his debut album’s music video. He also went live and stated that he has many songs ready to perform for his fans. He hinted that he had enough songs to tour with and that he had spoilt several by playing them. On October 14, he was also trending when he tweeted, “Date set.”

Ahgases believes he was referring to his album’s release date. He had also tweeted that he was working up a single after attending Paris Fashion Week, so we could be receiving a pre-released single.

Mark Tuan has been trending as worried fans have been making tweets like, “IS IT A PART OF THE LYRICS OR WHAT? MARK TUAN TELL US NOW????!!!!!” “WHO HURT MARK TUAN?!?!?!” and “I love you @marktuan we’re all waiting for your upcoming songs; we recognize your efforts in making them, we got your back always.”

They are also trying their best by sending supportive messages like, “I just know you’ll do great Mark!!” and “We don’t know what’s happening but we know you’re doing the best, @marktuan; we’re always here for you and pls don’t let other people ruin your happiness.”

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