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Golden Globe Awards Pledge Major Reforms After Criticism About Lack Of Diversity

The organizers of Hollywood’s Golden Globe Awards voted to bring about major changes following criticism for their lack of diversity and operations as well as performance.

Golden Globes is second only to Oscars in terms of profile.

But the promoters of Golden Globes are accused of racist acts, discrimination, accepting “freebies” and other moral failures.

Hiring Diversity Advisers

The changes will increase membership of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, with a focus on recruiting black members, by hiring diversity advisers.

In February, a Los Angeles Times report revealed that none of the 87 members of the organization, who voted for the winners, were black.

The organization will now also loosen a bit of its confidentiality and strict acceptance rules by publishing its membership list and accepting foreign entertainment journalists across the United States, not just California.

Increase In Membership By 50%

It has promised to increase its membership by 50% in the next 18 months.

Those members will now be barred from receiving promotional material from film and TV studios.

The LA Times said HFPA members were sent to Paris by Netflix in support of their comedy series Emily in Paris, which received two nominees for this year’s Globes.

“Today’s major vote to change the association reaffirms our commitment to change,” HFPA president Ali Sar said in a statement.

“We have taken steps that will allow us to make rapid progress …

“We understand that hard work starts now and we remain committed to being a better organization and an example of diversity, transparency and accountability in the industry.”


In the wake of the LA Times story, more than 100 Hollywood PR companies have threatened to advise independent stars not to work with HFPA if a change is not made.

They accused the organization of “racist behavior, Unprofessionalism, misconduct and financial corruption allegations”.

More headlines were generated last month when the organisation expelled its former president for sharing an article critical of the Black Lives Matter movement.

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