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Ethan Klein & His Parents Call Out James Charles Over Recent Grooming Scandal

Ethan Klein is calling out James Charles for his alleged recent grooming scandal towards minors. The beauty influencer had shared a now-deleted post to his Instagram story that showed him watching underage Twitch streamer Purpled on July 19th.

Twitter users were quick to question James’ actions as he also tagged the streamer in the post. This came after he had admitted to sending “flirty” texts to minors in April 2021. The influencer had taken a three-month hiatus after admitting to his actions in a now-deleted video, Holding Myself Accountable.

Ethan Klein posted a video titled, James Charles is going to jail! says my mom, the podcaster explained the situation to his parents. Klein’s mother, Donna dived into the discussion and stated that James is “very immature”. She followed the statement by adding that a lot of guys at the age of 22 are very immature.

Donna further said, “One thing that you need to know, James, if you’re paying attention…The thing is, there’s a legal age, and you can’t be under eighteen. The point is, seventeen to twenty-two is five years.” She also believed that the beauty influencer has previously served his time in jail for his accused behaviour.

However, Ethan corrected her and explained that there is another problem with James. He added that the beauty influencer had said he would not do this anymore after getting in trouble for the same thing before. The podcast host further said, “Then he got in trouble for it again, so it’s almost like he can’t help himself going after the younger guys.”

“You can’t excuse predatory actions”

Ethan’s father, Gary shared that there are no consequences and that desperation is an excuse for constantly going after underage boys. He said,

“Well, there are no consequences. There are no major consequences, and when you watch his video about his mea culpa, ‘Oh, I’m gonna apologize and explain the whole thing.’ What’s his motivation? ‘I’m lonely; I’m desperate to meet someone.’ So, I guess desperation is an excuse for constantly going after underage boys. It just happens over and over again.”

Ethan’s father further added that there is no excuse for predatory actions. The host then shared screenshots of James’ deleted Instagram story post. Klein family expressed their thoughts on the beauty influencer’s behaviour. Ethan said that after everything he has been through he should not go around arcades and tag 17-year old Minecraft players.

He added, “Just shut the f–k up, lay low, and stop being a pedo. Sorry…maybe predator.

What do you think about this situation? Do you agree with the Klein family? Let us know in the comments below.

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