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Jeffree Star Announces Ownership Of A Private Wyoming Ranch

Jeffree Star, a popular beauty guru and YouTuber recently took to social media to announce that he has purchased a ranch in Wyoming.

This comes after his last update on a video titled, Addressing My Mental Health….Selling My House and Getting Help. In the video, the YouTuber claimed himself to be a permanent resident of Casper, Wyoming. The beauty guru has taken the next step and posted three photos of him in Wyoming on Instagram.

He showed off his newly found country lifestyle as he looked happy. The influencer announced in the post that he has purchased a ranch and named it Star Yak Ranch. He admitted to being fascinated after seeing all the wild creatures in the midwestern land. The YouTuber also added a disclaimer that the ranch is not open to the public.

Jeffree shared that moving to Casper will help him to get some permanent peace and quiet. His fans are aware of the fact that he lacked that in his personal life. Before he moved to Wyoming, the content creator had purchased a $20 million mansion that was located in Hidden Hills, California.

However, after his breakup with his ex, Nathan Schwandt, fans noticed that the star’s behaviour was quickly spiralling. Back in May, Jeffree and one of his close friends had been in a car accident and were injured. After the accident, the influencer posted fewer videos on YouTube and started appearing on various podcasts.

His fans were immensely happy with his move to Wyoming and expressed it on Twitter. They stated he deserves all the happiness, especially after a rough year. Many of his fans praised him for putting his mental health first. Fans are happy about Jeffree Star’s new life on the ranch and are excited to see what videos he’ll be posting next.

What do you think about Jeffree Star’s big move to Wyoming? Let us know in the comments below.

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