Emerging artist Julian Kerins is making a huge impact in the music industry.

In major collaboration with manager of the Stars Dave Lory, representative for Lady Gaga, Prince, Nirvana and countless others, Julian Kerins is making power moves. Julian recently became the Music Director and artist for Dave’s current project which was picked up BMI & Sony for $4.5 Million. With shows coming up at BMI’s headquarters in March of 2022, there is a lot to expect from such a powerful product.

The amount of work and dedication put into his career, with emphasis on his success with Youtube, Julian developed into a star on the platform gaining Millions of views which brought quick notoriety to his career. Performing at top of the line festivals alongside Machine Gun Kelly, Fall Out Boy and The 1975, made growing his audience and experience advance much more quickly than today’s average artist.

Julian’s single “Varlet” landed a placement on the charts at #69 and made a significant jump to #14 on the Top 20 Rock Radio Charts in which Julian charted for 4 weeks straight. This was a huge success for an independent artist. Not including him holding the #78 Spot on the “Global Hot 100” and #69 on the “Indie Hot 100” and having the #7 most downloaded Song and and #9 most streamed song in Rock. What an impressive look!

Julian is currently Touring across the US and collaborating on some projects with Rebecca Moore, a Youtube and TikTok star with over 1 Million Subscribers. There is much more to expect and very soon.


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