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‘Bachelor’ star Cassie Randolph files for restraining order against ex Colton Underwood 3 Months After Split

Just months after the Bachelor Nation couple announced their breakup, Cassie Randolph has filed for a restraining order against her ex Colton Underwood, due to alleged harassment and stalking. What started out as a normal breakup mess has now taken a turn for the worst.

Stalking, Tracking Devices, Confessions …

According to court documents and paperwork filed by the 25-year-old graduate student, Randolph alleges that Underwood has been harassing and stalking her with unsettling text messages. She also alleges that her ex placed a tracking device under the rear bumper of her car in order to track her movements.


In addition to the above mentioned claims, Cassie has alleges that some of the texts sent by Underwood accuse Randolph of reconnecting with her ex-boyfriend. The TV personality also claims that her former boyfriend tried to cover his tracks by sending anonymous messages to her and pretending to be a victim of a nameless stalker himself.

Furthermore, Cassie has reportedly claimed that Underwood has been showing up in unannounced visits not only to her Los Angeles apartment complex but also to her parents’ home nearby Huntington Beach, Calif. The Bachelor star allegedly seems to loiter outside the complex and her bedroom at her parents’ residence at 2 a.m.

Moreover, in addition to the previous claims, Randolph also alleges that Underwood even confessed to have sent the unsettling text messages as well as planting the tracking device on her vehicle. A future hearing on the matter is supposed to take place on Tuesday, Oct. 6 at 10:30 a.m. A case like this is typically listed as domestic violence prevention without minor children.

Where it all started

Bachelor Nation was first introduced to Colton when he competed on Becca Kufrin’s 2018 season of The Bachelorette. The star then went on to appear on season five of Bachelor in Paradise before he was eventually selected as ABC’s 2019 Bachelor. Underwood met Randolph on the show and ended up handing his final rose to her at the end of his season. The pair never did actually end up going forward with an engagement and instead opted to continue dating. However things didn’t last long. The couple eventually called it quits in May earlier this year.

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Shortly before their split, Colton had tested positive for Covid-19 in March. At the time, he stayed with Randolph’s family as he battled the novel virus before eventually recovering. In July, Randolph admitted that she had faced a few tough months in the wake of her split, but she insisted that his COVID-19 diagnosis “had nothing to do” with their breakup. In fact, Cassie added that the experience had actually brought them much closer.

“Sometimes people are just meant to be friends—and that’s okay”

At first, the couple seemed to have quite an amicable breakup, as they showed nothing but love and support for each other. Especially on their respective breakup posts on Instagram. Cassie wrote at the time, “With all that we have gone through, we have a special bond that will always be there,” she confessed. “I love Colton very much and have an enormous amount of respect for him. We have both learned and grown so much these past couple years, and will always have each other’s back. Always.”

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Colton also wrote, saying,”Sometimes people are just meant to be friends—and that’s okay. We both have grown immensely and been through so much together—so this isn’t the end of our story, it’s the start of a whole new chapter for us.”

At the time sources said that the two just weren’t on the same page. “Colton really wanted to settle down and get married. He’s been ready for a long time,” the source conveyed. “And Cassie just wasn’t ready. They both knew it wasn’t going to work.”

‘Monetizing their Breakup”

Things took a turn in July, when Randolph accused Colton of “monetizing their breakup” to promote his memoir The First Time: Finding Myself and Looking for Love. She was upset that Underwood had included a chapter about their time together that “painted her in an unfavorable light,” just after criticizing Randolph for speaking about their relationship publicly during a Bachelor special.

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“On Monday evening, you informed me you intend to monetize our breakup by writing a new chapter to discuss your experience with COVID (where you stayed in my family’s house during your recovery & about our breakup,” Cassie wrote. “You have also refused to give me any sort of approval on the chapter you will be writing, which will heavily feature me… This seems a bit unfair to me. Colton, you can do what you want,” she continued. “But please do not have a double standard.” At the time, Underwood insisted that “her accusations are simply not true.”

“I’ve distanced myself from them, just for my own mental health right now”

Last month, Underwood opened up about the debacle on the Reality Steve podcast, asserting that his anger was actually directed at the franchise for taking “advantage” of Randolph. “Cass stayed extremely professional and extremely quiet about our breakup,” he said. “What bugged me was the fact that that show took advantage of her.”Underwood even admitted that he had since “distanced” himself from the show.

“I’ve distanced myself from them, just for my own mental health right now,” he said. “There have just been too many things that I’ve found out about and that has happened for me to feel comfortable working with them on a professional level, not even personal.” In late August the couple unfollowed each other on Instagram and Randolph’s family followed suit too.

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