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Cardi B Says Cosmetic Surgery Helped Her Overcome Her Insecurities

Cardi B revealed that being successful and being able to afford cosmetic surgery helped her overcome her childhood insecurities.

The singer opened up in an intimate chat with Mariah Carey for Interview magazine. She talked about growing up in the Bronx. The rapper rose to fame and this helped her transform her looks after years of being bullied.

Cardi shared how she was really skinny when she was younger. She said, “I was also really skinny when I was younger, and in the Bronx, it’s about being thick and having an a**, so young boys would be like, ‘Look at your flat a**. You ain’t got no titties.’” The rapper further added how it would make her feel ugly and undeveloped.

Mariah asked the WAP hitmaker if she feels vindicated now after becoming a huge star and showing everyone how far she has come. Cardi agreed as she said, “I feel so vindicated. Even when I was 18 and became a dancer, I had enough money to afford to buy boobs, so every insecurity that I felt about my breasts was gone.”

The rapper further shared when she was 20 she went to an urban strip club and there she had to have a big butt. She revealed that she felt insecure about that and it took her back to high school. “So I got my a** done. And then I felt super confident,” shared the Bodak Yellow rapper.

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“…I was really shy. I felt really uncomfortable”

Cardi further revealed how she did not know how to take care of her hair. She shared that she made her own hair mask and took care of her natural hair. This made the rapper feel better as she thought what people were saying about her isn’t true. She said, “My hair was not bad because it was nappy. My hair was bad because I didn’t know how to take care of it.”

The rapper was looking extremely beautiful in a shoot by AB+DM as she was styled by Kollin Carter. She was wearing thigh-high gold boots in the cover image and at one point, she even went topless as she donned a net skit.

Cardi further opened up about her being super nervous when she started working in strip clubs. She revealed, “When I first entered the strip club, I was really shy. I felt really uncomfortable. I felt very ashamed. There were times when I was crying, like, ‘Oh my gosh, if my mom or my dad found out, they’d be so humiliated.’”

However, she revealed that when she started stripping, it wasn’t a stepping stone for her but just a means to get by. She said, “But I needed the f***ing money. I was living with my boyfriend at the time, but he wasn’t doing s**t. I used to smoke weed back then, so I felt like weed was necessary.”

Cardi shared that she wanted money to move out of the situation she was in which is why she was as desperate as she was. The rapper also revealed that she still gets attacks of shyness now that she has become a star. She admitted she would feel awkward if she was meeting Mariah in person.

“A lot of celebrities invite me to places, but I’m really shy. We’re doing this over the phone, but if it was in person, I wouldn’t be able to look you in the eyes. That’s how nervous I get around celebrities. And sometimes my head starts talking, like, “Oh my gosh, I look stupid, I feel stupid, I’m dumb,” shared the rapper.

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