Cardi B Fires Back After Being Called Homophobic and Transphobic

Cardi B defends herself after being called homophobic and transphobic on Twitter.

In a series of tweets, Cardi B denied the claims of being homophobic and transphobic after a user accused her of being one. A tweet was shared by Cardi B’s fan club talking about Love, Victor. The movie is about a gay teenager and it is on Hulu.

The user was responding to that tweet about Cardi when she accused Cardi of being homophobic and transphobic. The initial tweet from Cardi’s fan account read, ‘Cardi is mentioned in Hulu’s new series Love, Victor E04’. In continuation it read, ‘in a scene discussing how the mother was ejected from a basketball game for excessive dancing: “Not everyone enjoys watching you twerk like a geriatric Cardi B.”‘

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The user reacted to the tweet saying it is crazy considering Cardi is transphobic and homophobic. ‘That’s crazy, considering the woman is homophobic and transphobic,’ the user named @DOJASREM said.

Cardi B was not having it and she lashed out in a series of tweets explaining that she is not a transphobic or a homophobic woman. She questioned the user asking how is she homophobic or transphobic. Cardi went on asking questions based on what she went through. She asked the user if they have been to a Caribbean island and experienced actual homophobia.

Cardi asked if they have had a parent who does not accept their sexuality. She admitted her previous mistakes and said she did say some ignorant things but she has apologized for it. Cardi B says she has educated herself after that but it does not mean she is homophobic.

In the past, Cardi has been through some controversies related to homophobia. One of her staffers had posted a transphobic meme on her Facebook page previously. She addressed the issue and said it was her page once but now a former staff member is the only one to access it.

That same year, her husband Offset apologized for being a part of a song which had a homophobic lyric, with rapper YZN Lucci.

Cardi B continued in her defense writing they are closing their eyes to all the support she has shown to the LGBT community. She accused haters of using the same video which she has already apologized for but overlooking her support for the community.


‘Ya keep using that same 1 video that I apologize for over & over again to call me homophobic & transphobic 1 but never post about the ones where I support the LGBT community which are multiples and the multiple tweets I posted in support,’ she said.

The rapper explains how she has gone through personal issues involving her relatives. She explains why she supports the community and clarifies that it is not because she has gay fans. Cardi says she supports it because she had the confusing feelings while growing up. She goes on to give examples of her family members. And the trouble they are facing because of which she supports the community.

‘I support because I know how hard it was for my gay cousin to come out to his very strict Dominican family. I support because I know the pain, my cousin, from my mom’s side which is a Tran have a f***ed up relationship with her dad for years! … [and] my sister … coming out to my mom & dad religious people as gay.’

Cardi clarified that she supports members who go through transitions and the feelings her glam team has while going through a body transition.

Cardi B claps back at the end saying before they call her homophobic or transphobic, they should do their research.

We stan a queen who claps back in the right way. Last month, Cardi clapped back on body-shamers for hating on her body. Pictures of Cardi shopping in Target appeared online, immediately sparking a war between fans and trolls. Fans quickly jumped to Cardi’s defense, claiming that the pictures were photoshopped in an attempt to “body shame” the rapper.

But that didn’t stop people from accusing Cardi of editing the bikini pictures. She recently posted on Instagram showing off her new hair and peacock tattoo. It wasn’t long until Cardi took notice of the comments online. She immediately responded, posting a slew of videos across Instagram.

Cardi B Net Worth

First taking to her Instagram story, the “Bodak Yellow” rapper posted a video in her underwear. She admitted to gaining “a little weight” while in quarantine. Cardi told her haters if they think she is editing her body, just ask for a video. “It’s simple.” A couple of hours later, Cardi posted a bikini video to her main feed. She slammed trolls for editing the Target pictures.

Captioning her video ‘Leave my rolls alone’, Cardi kicks things off. She says she has to do the video because she is seeing edited Target pictures of herself. Cardi said she looked like a square in them. She continued explaining that she posted a hot picture. And the haters claimed that it is edited. Cardi continued clapping back saying that now she is showing her body because of that.

She then said that she gained weight. Cardi B explains how she has to make her thighs match her ass. She made sure her haters know to look at themselves before pointing a finger at her. Cardi did the most epic thing next. She says that she was holding it in. Because she ate breakfast, lunch and ice cream, before breathing out. Then re-sucking her stomach in, she said, “I’m back again, again and again!”

As her final mic drop, the multi-award-winning musician then took the time to remind people that she has enough money for liposuction. “A b*tch got lipo money, I got lipo money!” she said.

All power to this woman who knows what to say and when to say it.

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