Cardi B Responded To Photoshopped Pictures Of Herself News

Cardi B Responded To Photoshopped Pictures Of Herself

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Time icon June 18, 2020

Cardi B clapped back at body-shamers on Instagram recently after an edited picture of her began circulating on Twitter.

We love a girl who stands up for herself like Cardi B. Cardi has kept us entertained even during lockdown.

Another is how quick she is to clap back at anyone who dares to speak negatively about her. In this instance, about her body in particular. After she posted a fire shot of herself crouching down in a bikini, some keyboard warriors said a lot about it.

Earlier this week, pictures of Cardi shopping in Target appeared online, immediately sparking a war between fans and trolls.

Fans quickly jumped to Cardi’s defence, claiming that the pictures were actually photoshopped in an attempt to “body shame” the rapper.

But that didn’t stop people from accusing Cardi of editing the bikini pictures. She recently posted on Instagram showing off her new hair and peacock tattoo.

It wasn’t long until Cardi took notice of the comments online. She immediately responded, posting a slew of videos across Instagram.

First taking to her Instagram story, the “Bodak Yellow” rapper posted a video in her underwear. She admitted of gaining “a little weight” while in quarantine.

Cardi told her haters if they think she is editing her body, just ask for a video. “It’s simple.”

A couple of hours later, Cardi posted a bikini video to her main feed. She slammed trolls for editing the Target pictures.

Captioning her video ‘Leave my rolls alone’, Cardi kicks things off. She says she has to do the video because she is seeing edited Target pictures of herself. Cardi said she looked like a square in them.

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Cardi being Cardi

She continued explaining that she posted a hot picture. And the haters claimed that it is edited. Cardi continued clapping back saying that now she is showing her body because of that.

She then said that she gained weight. Cardi B explains how she has to make her thighs match her ass.

Cardi made sure the haters know to look at themselves before pointing a finger at her.

“I know you b*tches ain’t talking when you shaped like seals. And I know you ain’t talking ya’ll got sisters with bison backs and your mothers is shaped like walruses… I know you ain’t body shaming me!”

Cardi did the most epic thing next. She says that she was holding it in. Because she ate breakfast, lunch and ice cream, before breathing out. Then re-sucking her stomach in, she said, “I’m back again, again and again!”

As her final mic drop, the multi-award-winning musician then took the time to remind people that she has enough money for liposuction.

“A b*tch got lipo money, I got lipo money!”

Cardi, who shares a daughter, Kulture, with rapper Offset, was met with plenty of praise in the comments. Plus one from her baby daddy himself, simply saying: “Full meal”.

We stand a queen who claps back in her own fashion leaving everyone to want more.

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