Bryce Hall Surprises Fans By Joining Sway House Rivals ‘The Hype House’ News

Bryce Hall Surprises Fans By Joining Sway House Rivals ‘The Hype House’

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Time icon August 20, 2021

Each story about Bryce Hall gets interesting over time. Since the TikToker and YouTuber Bryce Hall has announced his exit from Sway House, fans have not known where he is headed to next. But now, there’s a confirmation! It is something that no one really expected.

Just recently Bryce Hall revealed that he has gotten a new place for himself and he will be living ‘by himself’. Bryce Hall moved out from Sway House completely and gave a life update on Instagram. He also said that he was looking for new friends and if anyone was interested they could hit him up.

The Tables Have Turned

Sway House was a famous content collective house where TikTokers and Internet personalities lived together collaborating on content and helping each other with better reach. One rival of Sway House was “Hype House”.

And guess who’s the newest addition to Hype House? It’s TikToker Bryce Hall! In his latest YouTube video Bryce Hall reveals that he has joined rivals Hype House.

“The tables have turned”, said Bryce Hall.

What Did Bryce Hall Say?

“So, as you guys know, I just recently moved out of the Sway House. I guess you could say I ended it. Sad times,” said Bryce. “But I did get a new place. I’m about to check it out now. It’s actually f**king sick. I can’t wait for you guys to see it.”

Fans are sad plus excited with Bryce Hall’s move and how this Hype House journey turns out to be for Bryce Hall is yet to be seen. Tell us in the comments if you are excited about Bryce Hall joining the Hype House.

“My worst nightmare is coming to life. This is the new crib. I actually started Sway House as the leader, and now I’m joining Hype House under Thomas. The tables have f**king turned. He’s just stealing Sway,” laughed Bryce.

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