‘New Chapter Baby’: Bryce Hall Looks For New Friends After Moving Out Of The Sway House

TikToker Bryce Hall sent shockwaves across the TikTok community when he announced his exit from the famous content collective ‘Sway House’.

Sway House was one of the pioneering and one of the most loved content creator’s house on TikTok. Just like the Jake Paul’s Team 10 house or The Clout House, content creators lived together in the Sway House.’

‘I Left Sway’

Members of the Sway House were popular internet personalities Bryce Hall, Josh Richards, Noah Beck, and more.

However, the house experienced a lot of friction between the inmates recently. Their influence was so high in the social world that they had a reality show that covered the lives of Sway House residents.

Josh Richards and Griffin Johnson were amongst the first members to leave Sway House. And apparently, Bryce Hall has announced his exit now as well. In a tweet last week, he said ‘i left sway”.

Bryce Hall has now revealed on his Instagram stories that he has ‘completely’ moved out of Sway House now.

Bryce Hall Gives Life Update

He gave a ‘life update’ from his day and showed a sneak peak of the new house he bought. ‘New chapter baby’, he said.

In the next two stories Bryce Hall said that he was looking for new friends and if anyone was interested can hit him up.

‘Hmu If You Wanna Be Friends’

‘Life update.. i don’t give you guys as much but here’s a little one.. maybe this will be something serious on my instagram I’m sorry…”

“Just fully moved out of the Sway house. I get my place by myself on the 1st of September .. now i’m an adult..i’m 22 living by myself.. doing everything myself… and now I have no friends so hmu if you wanna be friends”

Earlier, along with a small clip of the empty house, Bryce shared the caption: “Goodbye sway… never talking to any of u again (maybe some).”

This move definitely marks a new chapter in Bryce Hall’s life and career. Fans are excited and supportive of the TikTok star and await to see more from his new life. Tell us in the comments what do you feel about Bryce Hall’s Sway House exit.

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