Twitch Streamer ‘HasanAbi’ Criticized For Buying New Mansion Worth $2.74 Million

Twitch streamers are fairly rich if they have built a grand following on the platform. It is evident from Twitch streamer Hasan ‘HasanAbi’ Piker’s latest purchase.

HasanAbi Piker has been blowing up on Twitch recently. His following has crossed the 1.5 million mark on Twitch. With over 50k subscribers, Hasan is on the rise to greater heights.

New House In West Hollywood

To celebrate a successful first half of 2021, Hasan purchased a new house in West Hollywood that is worth over $2.74 million.

After Hasan’s new house news was out in the public, critiques started firing up. They criticized Hasan for spending an enormous amount of money to purchase a house. But why would anyone on the internet criticize you for buying a house? Well, they would, if you identify as a socialist.

HasanAbi Piker advocates socialism and his indulging in a lavish lifestyle don’t sit well with fans. A similar thing happened in the past when Twitch streamer Nicole ‘Neekolul’ Sanchez revealed his $2 Million apartment.

Hasan Replies To Hate Comments

In Hasan’s case, he has been actively responding to the hate and backlash that is coming his way. He asked everyone to ‘collectively calm down’ and for haters, he has a special message. Hasan said that haters can ‘suck his d**k’.

To one hate comment, Hasan said “I bought a house for my family. It’s also where I intend to stream every day. Why is this any of your f**king business?

“Happy Hasan Is Crushing It”

Many others came to Hasan’s support. “There is a difference between making millions on Twitch and paying 50% in taxes, and Jeff Bezons being worth 150mbillion and paying no taxes,” Klein continued. “Happy Hasan is crushing it.”

“I’d like to congratulate Hasan for building a successful career,” the host and a producer of The Young Turks said. “Enjoy the home. Nothing wrong with having nice things.

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