Archana Puran Singh Reveals Why She Hid Her Marriage With Parmeet For Four Years News

Archana Puran Singh Reveals Why She Hid Her Marriage With Parmeet For Four Years

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Time icon July 12, 2021

Archana Puran Singh has finally come out clean and revealed the mystery behind hiding her marriage status for four years. The actress is happily married to Parmeet Sethi.

The veteran Bollywood actress, who is also a judge on The Kapil Sharma Show married her love Parmeet Sethi in the year 1992. However, it was not until four years later in 1995 that their marriage came to light in the media and newspapers.


Speaking on keeping the marriage a mystery from the public eye, Archana Puran Singh said in a recent statement to tabloid TimesNow that:

“At that time, in our industry, there was a common perception that if a girl gets married her work dwindles down. In the industry, they used to say that married heroines do not get much work. There is that little chauvinism in the industry. Women and men have different guidelines,” Archana said, speaking with Times Now.

‘We Both Decided To Keep It A Secret’

“The industry thinks that shadi ho gayi hai, bacha ho jaega (she has gotten married and now she’ll give birth to children) and then she might leave her commitment halfway through or not devote her time and commitment to our film.”

“Parmeet and I said that marriage was for us, we wanted to do it personally and not keep it a public affair. We both wanted to get married. Parmeet didn’t want marriage to affect my career. We both decided to keep it a secret,” Archana Puran Singh added during her interview with TimesNow.

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