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Jeff Wittek’s Editor Apologized After N-word Crops Up During Reaction Stream to Ethan Klein

Jeff Wittek had started off as an internet influencer who became a YouTuber and launched a channel in 2011. He has been constantly appearing on David Dobrik’s vlogs ever since 2018.

In the latest episode of his podcast, Jeff FM, he showed the n-word along with the r in the end. The influencer was reacting to an episode of the H3 podcast where the end of the Frenemies podcast by Ethan Klein and Trisha Paytas was being announced.

After being exposed, Jeff’s editor and producer, Oscar, took to Twitter to apologize for the same. He wrote that he helped produce the podcast and was doing research for a clip. The producer added that when he presented it to the influencer, he did not want to include it. He further said that he understands how this can look out of context and apologized.

Oscar wrote, “I’m Jeff’s editor and help produce the podcast. I was doing research for a clip and when I presented it to Jeff he didn’t want to include it. I can see how this can look out of context so I apologize to anyone I offended.” Fans, however, did not accept that and called him out for using the racial slur.

Jeff has been going head-to-head with Trisha ever since she left the Vlog squad. Trisha has exposed the squad multiple times before. Jeff commented on the Frenemies podcast and claimed that the podcast got cancelled over “pizza and fiances”. He also described the two podcast hosts as “toxic” to each other.

“Dude stop. Your friend David Dobrik filmed someone getting assaulted.”

On the other hand, Ethan and his wife, Hila, called out Wittek in their H3 Afterdark podcast episode. Elsewhere in the podcast, Ethan had to express his views on Jeff’s response to Frenemies ending. He said, “The fact that you are energetically aligned with David Dobrik right now, yeah you can’t be saying oh ‘that’s content’. Dude stop. Your friend David Dobrik filmed someone getting assaulted.”

Ethan accepted the toxicity between him and Trisha but pointed out the irony. He also called out Jeff for threatening Trisha on Twitter. Jeff had “warned” Trisha to stop feuding with him. There was another feud between them again when Jeff released his new merchandise. It was branded as “the rat exterminator company Wittek”. Ethan took this personally and assumed the brand was towards him and Trisha. He called out Jeff yet again and said that he hasn’t exterminated anything other than his own career.

The podcast host alleged that Jeff went back to people who cause him harm because he needed clout. Ethan apologized to Wittek after he realized that the merch was made with no reference to him. Jeff Wittek did not comment on being called out for using a racial slur. Since then, he has been active on his Instagram stories.

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