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Anderson Silva Will Knock Out Logan Paul In A Fight, Guarantees Coach

The Paul brothers have been all over the world of celebrity and YouTube boxing. With Jake Paul having a fight coming up in the last week of August against former UFC champion Tyron Woodley, the elder brother Logan Paul is also looking for his next opponent.

Logan Paul has a pretty impressive record so far. He had two boxing bouts with KSI, the first was a draw and the second was KSI’s victory.

Logan’s Historic Fight Against Mayweather

However, Logan Paul shocked the world when he roped in the Greatest Boxer of All Time Floyd Mayweather in the ring to fight him

Logan Paul not just boxed Mayweather, he lasted 8 rounds in the ring without getting knocked out. Everyone on the internet appreciated Logan for his grit and strength that day.

What Did Anderson Silva’s Coach Say?

But Luiz Dorea, the coach of UFC fighter turned boxer Anderson Silva says Logan Paul lost that day.

He said “Logan proved to be a very brave and talented kid doing an exhibition fight against the legend Floyd Mayweather. But, of course, if it were in official rules, the result would be different. Let’s see if he will keep hiding under exhibition rules or if he will test himself in the real world [under professional rules].”

Anderson Silva’s coach wants Logan to fight Anderson under official and professional boxing rules that will announce a winner at the end of the match and not like the Mayweather bout which had no official winner declared.

‘I Have No Doubt Anderson Will Knock Him Out’

“I have no doubt Anderson will knock him out,” Dorea said.

Tell us what do you think about this potential boxing fight. Will Anderson Silva knock Logan Paul out?

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