Vinnie Hacker Had To Confirm His Allegiance With Obama After Almost Getting Cancelled News

Vinnie Hacker Had To Confirm His Allegiance With Obama After Almost Getting Cancelled

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Time icon August 6, 2021

Vinnie Hacker has come ahead to confirm his allegiance to former President Barack Obama. This came after users assumed that the TikTok star had pictures of Donald Trump on his bedroom wall. Users seemingly thought it was Trump’s picture in the recent TikTok that Vinnie had posted.

The influencer is known for his POV content and various other content. Vinnie had recently participated in the Social Gloves event and was one of the first people to admit that he hasn’t been paid. This will mark as the second time, Vinnie has been attempted to be cancelled since his birthday on July 15th.

Before he was accused of using a black racial slur but it turned out he was speaking too quickly. Now he has posted a TikTok addressing the comments about him having a picture of Trump on his wall. He clarified that people were cancelling him because he had a picture of Trump but it’s Obama.

Vinnie went on to show a Barack Obama calendar on his wall and flipped it to the next page only to see Obama again. He screamed in the clip, “All of them are Obama!” as he showed the evidence of the calendar on his wall.

After the TikTok was shared on Instagram, users were defending the TikTok star against critics who wanted to cancel him. A user urged people to let this man live and that he is screaming into a pillow right now. Another commented that he is an “unproblematic king”.

Many others found it funny how he handled the rumours. Meanwhile, others commented on the state of cancel culture which means it is always searching for some content that can be used against creators. All the original comments which assumed it was Trump have been deleted. What do you think about cancel culture on the internet? Comment down below.

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