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Jake Paul Takes Nasty Jibe At UFC Boss Dana White And Conor McGregor

Since Jake Paul’s professional bout with UFC fighter Ben Askren, Jake and UFC Boss Dana White have been on rough terms with each others.

With both talking cr*p about one another, Jake Paul is set to fight another of Dana White’s fighters Tyron Woodley in August. The fight is going to be a major moment in Jake’s boxing career if he manages to win it. However, the two have crossed roads yet again.

Clash Between Jake Paul And Dana White

Jake Paul has said on many occasions that Dana does not pay his UFC fighters enough and that he would never work with Dana White. The reciprocation from Dana White has been the same. He says he is not ‘interesting in working with Jake’ either.

Jake Paul took to Twitter to react to Dana White’s recent comments about him. Dana White said “I just don’t see it happening,” on the “FULL SEND PODCAST.” He further added “I don’t hate the kid. Is he f*cking annoying? Yeah, he’s annoying. He’s out there trying to make that money, and his shelf life is very f*cking short.”

Jake Paul’s Tweet

Jake Paul tagged Dana white in the tweet and said “DoEs DiS mEaN uR Big StAr CoNoR @TheNotoriousMMA LoSiNg aPpEaL ?!”

He was referring to the Google search results for the name ‘Jake Paul’ and ‘Conor McGregor’. Jake Paul’s name displayed over 100 million search results on google while searching Conor only brought up a little over 60 Million search results. By doing this, Jake took a jibe at both Dana White and Conor McGregor.

Will We See Jake Paul Vs Conor McGregor?

The YouTuber-turned boxer has been trying to fight the UFC legend Conor McGregor for quite some time now. Jake Paul offered $50 Million to Conor for a boxing match but there have been no clear deal as of now. However, recently Jake hinted that his team is still in talks with Conor McGregor’s team and a deal might be close.

What do you think about Conor McGregor Vs Jake Paul? Tell us in the comments if you think Jake has a chance with Conor in the boxing ring. After all, his elder brother Logan Paul lasted all the rounds in the ring with the Greatest Undefeated Boxer of all time, Floyd Mayweather.

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