Amanda Cerny Secretively Promotes ‘WIN’ Cryptocurrency In Her New Tweet Crypto

Amanda Cerny Secretively Promotes ‘WIN’ Cryptocurrency In Her New Tweet

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Time icon August 9, 2021   | Last Updated: May 17, 2024 at 5:34 AM

Social media influencers have been promoting cryptocurrencies to their followers during this crypto craze and Amanda Cerny seems to have joined the party now!

However Amanda Cerny rather decided to stay lowkey and secretive with her new tweet that is ‘arguably’ promoting a crypto coin in town!

Amanda’s Dogecoin Money

Just few days ago, Amanda Cerny sent out a tweet to her followers revealing that she earned more than $150,000 trading Dogecoin.

Amanda tweeted “$Doge just made me $160,000.00in a week ”.

After she revealed her income from Dogecoin in the past week, Amanda went on a tweeting spree where she revealed that she is also holding other coins like BNB, ETH, UBT, LTC, and more.

‘I Want You To Win’ – The Decode

Now, a new tweet put out on her account says ‘I want you to win’.

The tweet seems rather a regular one but crypto enthusiasts know there’s a hidden secretive message in the tweet. There is a crypto called ‘WINkLink’ and fans think that Amanda is subtly promoting the coin in her new tweet.

One user wrote ‘I think she is getting $win’. Another said ‘wink buy you always win’. It was evident that the crowd realized what Amanda Cerny was secretively talking about. Have a look at few of the comments:

‘Do Your Own Research’

Earlier she had also advised her followers to ‘do your own research’ or else they will pay expensive lessons.

The model has also changed her bio to ‘not a financial advisor’ on Twitter.

What do you think about the crypto hype and social media personalities turning into short-term traders and crypto ‘experts’? Tell us your views in the comments.

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