Don Mancini with Veteran Child’s Play Actors in Chucky BTS Image News

Don Mancini with Veteran Child’s Play Actors in Chucky BTS Image

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Time icon August 9, 2021

Don Mancini, the creator and showrunner of the Chucky series, has revealed a new behind-the-scenes shot with Christine Elise McCarthy and Alex Vincent, stars of the original film series.

Chucky is based on the same-named killer doll from the Child’s Play horror franchise, for which Mancini wrote the first instalment in 1988. Since the original film’s release, the fan-favorite franchise has produced six sequels and a current remake starring Mark Hamill (Star Wars) as the new Chucky.

This new television series, on the other hand, will skip the reboot in favour of reverting to the original film franchise and functioning as a direct successor to Cult of Chucky, which was released in 2017.

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Mancini just shared a candid photo of himself with Vincent and McCarthy, who played Andy and his foster sister Kyle in the first two films in the franchise, on Instagram, to mark the reunion of the original franchise stars for the series. “The OGs are back!” he captioned the photo. “Andy and Kyle make the best team!” chimed in their series co-star. ”.

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When MGM originally announced the Child’s Play remake in 2018, Mancini expressed his displeasure with the choice to reboot the franchise he had helped lead for more than two decades, and even turned down the offer of a producer credit on the new film.

While the reboot did well at the box office, some fans of the original film series were dissatisfied by the decision to transform Chucky’s origins from supernatural to technology by making him an artificially intelligent doll whose programming went wrong.

Mancini, on the other hand, is adamant that his new series will go back to the franchise’s beginnings, starring the same actors that were terrorised by Brad Dourif’s version of Chucky in Child’s Play 1 and 2. On October 12th, Chucky will air on SyFy and the USA Network.

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