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Ali Fazal Encourages Anyone Suffering From Mental Health Issues To Speak Out And Seek Help

While many of the challenges have been in place for a year and a half, actor Ali Fazal says it has taken the COVID-19 pandemic to really recognize and understand the critical need to raise awareness of mental health and to build similar structures to tackle this issue in our country.

After years and years of stigma and shame around the subject, now India’s awareness of mental health is increasing daily, Says the Mirzapur actor.

‘Spread Awareness’

“Now is the time to talk about depression while helping to spread awareness about mental health in India, a country where people still face stigma and ignore the importance of mental health in their lives, allowing mental illness to grow in them without seeking professional help. ”

Fazal believes that as we speak now, many lives could be saved in this hour of need.

At a time when uncertainty coupled with fear as a result of the pandemic is at its peak, the impact it has on people, especially their mental health, is a major problem in the world.

Impact Of The Pandemic

The actor explains, “There are a lot of people who suffer from mental illness and many can’t even see it because of the lack of knowledge in our society. I think if we don’t talk now, we will continue to be bad and cause irreversible injuries to many who can easily get help from professionals.

Today, the situation is already worse than before given the constant pressure and fear of Covid-19 and the locks and restrictions around the globe, making it difficult to deal for almost everyone. I would therefore like to urge everyone to speak up and take help when they need it and to be kind to each other at all times. ”

Seeking Professional Help

Mental health and its impact can spare no one, including children who may also suffer from various disorders such as depression or anxiety.

He adds its imperative today that we build awareness and encourage others to seek professional help through our empathy and support in our society.

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