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23-Year Old Nanny On TikTok Goes Viral For Doing ‘Dirty Dance’ With Married Man

TikTok is one of the most popular video-sharing apps among youngsters and a lot of viral content gets disbursed on the internet through TikTok. One such instance is a video of a nanny doing ‘dirty dance moves’ with her client.

The video posted by a TikTok account @raypo3 (Rachel) is going viral! A barrage of comments, likes, and shares have made the video the most talked about since the past few hours but what exactly is the video about?

What Does The Video Contain?

TikTok user Rachel usually posts content that is not what conventional family or couple TikTokers post. This time she posted a video that shows nanny Lizzie Norton dancing with Rachel’s husband.

In the video, 23-year old nanny Lizzy is seen “straddling” the father of two while Rachel films it. The post has over 8 million views at the time of writing this article. If you haven’t watched the viral video, here it is.


The nanny-dad content no one asked for. @lizziinorton @f4ttyd4ddy #SummerMashup #fypシ #thenanny

♬ original sound – Rachel

‘Negative Energy’

Fans flooded the comments with criticism, trolls, and backlash.

As per viewers, the post contains ‘aggression’ and ‘negative energy’ that they don’t expect in a family content account. One user said “I flew Delta to the comments,” while another added, “I tore my ACL running here”.

Rachel and the nanny both have addressed the comments and have dispelled that anything was wrong in the video. Rachel said in a comment under the same video “We’re flattered by the interest guys,” she said. “Most of you are out of your minds, but we’re flattered.”

Response From TikTok Nanny

The nanny in the video named Lizzie also addressed the backlash of her ‘dirty dancing’ with her client in her own TikTok saying “all press is good press.”

Rachel has since then also posted a TikTok which was captioned  “walking in from work after a day of going viral.” In it, Rachel could be heard sarcastically saying “sup cheater,” to her man.


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