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Viral YouTuber Airrack Spends 24 Hours In The Bermuda Triangle

Viral YouTuber Airrack never fails to surprise his audience! He has done the other-worldly yet again. From sneaking into high-profile exhibition fights to spending days at a deserted Island, his content has grown better and better over time.

Airrack’s latest video shows him spend 24 hours at one of the world’s most controversial and dangerous spots – The Bermuda Triangle.

Why Is Bermuda Traingle Dangerous?

The Bermuda Triangle has an age-old story attached to it. Air and water carriers have been reported losing control while passing from this mysterious area.

Plenty of airplanes have crashed while passing above the Bermuda Triangle with no survivors. Even rescue aircraft that were sent in the past to discover the crashed airplanes went missing! With such frightening history, Airrack decided it’s some sweet stuff for viral YouTube content!

He decided to spend a day in Bermuda Triangle and document it in his latest video. The video starts with Airrack admitting that he had forever been frightened of this mystery-filled region of the world.

‘We Are Gonna Die’

The crew got ready with all the necessities for their adventure. Airrack got help from his friend Ryan who was their guide for this adventure.

Airrack asks Ryan ‘what are the odds we don’t come out of the Bermuda Triangle?’ to which Ryan flips a bottle as the answer. The bottle flip fails and Ryan replies with ‘we are gonna die’. Pretty logical for an adventure of this magnitude isn’t it?

Airrack’s Adventure

Heading towards Bermuda Triangle, the ocean had rough waves as well. When they reached the region in their boat, Airrack and his crew helped put out a small inflatable tent in the ocean and Airrack jumped right into it. This marked the beginning of his 24 hours survival in Bermuda Triangle.

Airrack literally pukes into the water and starts coughing after 5 minutes of getting into his ‘Bermuda House’. His crew watched from few miles away from the main boat.

Airrack then seals himself in the inflatable tent as the weather started to grow terrible in Bermuda Triangle while his crew on the other boat went shipping nearby. Anyway, no more spoilers! If you haven’t watched the video you are missing out on some epic stuff. Here you go, watch the video below:

Watch The Video

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