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Tana Mongeau Kisses Demi Lovato In A New Viral TikTok Video

Tana Mongeau is always in the news! How can one expect her news content to boring?

Tana recently caught the attention of the TikTok community when a video showing Tana kissing singer Demi Lovato went viral!

The Viral Video

The pair were at a Paris Hilton party and Tana decided to share a video on TikTok of the two. The video was captioned “here we are off camera 24/7”. Check out the video below:

Tana Mongeau is popular on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. Her YouTube channel boasts over five million subscribers. She also recently started her own podcast called CANCELLED.

Fan Reactions

Fans flooded the comments of the TikTok video. Many were confused about how did this happen but many other users were quick to point out Tana’s obsession with Disney stars.

“She went from shakin it up w Bella to takin a chance with w Sonny,” one commenter wrote, referring to Tana’s ex Bella Thorne and Demi’s Disney work.

Tana’s Reply

Another user commented saying “how did this duo even come to be?” And to everyone’s surprise, Tana replied to the comment saying “the moment we met forever ago we knew bby.”

One user said “Tana literally knows everyone,” and it doesn’t seem far from being true. What do you think about it? Tell us in the comments!

Recently, the social media personality revealed when she was seventeen or eighteen, this “YouTuber” tried to hook up with her at Playlist Live. She shared that it was an older guy and they are friends now.

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