YouTuber Airrack Tries To Escape America’s Most Difficult And Scariest Maze

YouTuber Airrack is known for his viral videos. Not only does Airrack come up with viral video ideas, he also executes them with finesse.

The YouTuber recently hit 2 Million subscribers on his YouTube Channel and has promised that he will hit 3 M faster than ever.

In his latest YouTube video, Airrack and his team go for a visit to America’s largest and scariest maze. But why?

Airrack Takes Up The Maze Challenge

Well, they were up for challenge. The challenge for them was to escape the maze and to do so, Airrack and his cree had to find 10 hidden skulls in the maze.

The challenge was an interesting one. It began at the stroke of midnight and would end when the first ray of sunlight falls.

Airrack and his team, after being locked up in the world’s most difficult maze began searching for skulls and to their surprise, they found four skulls with ease.

However, the rest of the skulls were not as easy to find. Airrack and his team beg a cumulative sum of $3,000 to their friend who had placed skulls for them to find.

Did He Win?

There were thirty minutes left for the sun to come out and Airrack was 90% done with his challenge by finding 9 out of 10 skulls. However, the last skull changed the game.

Airrack and his crew tried their best to find the 10th skull, escape the maze , and win the challenge but they failed. The 10th skull was never found and the sun was out. Airrack ended up losing $3,000 to his friend.

At the time of writing this article, the video has 200k views and 20k likes. If you haven’t watched it so far, watch it below:

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