Viral YouTuber Airrack Hits 2 Million Subscribers

This was long pending! Airrack, the YouTube sensation who is known for creating viral content has hit yet another milestone of his career!

The YouTuber, whose real name is Erick Decker, hit 2 Million subscribers on his official YouTube channel.

Viral YouTube Sensation

He stands at a massive 2.2 million subscribers at the time of writing this article. Airrack broke out to fame with his viral and super fun viral videos on YouTube.

Internet believes Airrack to be the next Mr Beast as both the YouTubers rely on insanely popular video ideas to make it big.

Talking about some of Airrack’s crazy adventures on YouTube, he has videos where he spends a night in the world’s most dangerous bed, survives for 24 hours in the Bermuda Triangle, sneaks into exclusive boxing fights, and what not.

Airrack is the epitome of crazy and viral YouTube video ideas and not only does he brainstorm such ideas, he executes them with perfection.

‘We Did It’

On the occasion of hitting 2 million subscribers, he thanked his ‘Mafia gang’ and supporters.

“Love you guys so much. Doesn’t feel like I did this, it feels like WE did it. You guys genuinely changed my life in the last year in a half. I wakeup everyday so excited to make videos for you guys❤️ next mil will be even faster. MAFIA STRONG”

Road To 3 Million

Erik has promised that he will reach the 3 Million faster than ever and it remains to be seen if he keeps up to his words.

While he is already up 200k after hitting 2 million, the day doesn’t seem much far away when I have to report about Airrack hitting 3 million subscribers.

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