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YouTuber Adam Saleh Pokes Fun At KSI After He Said ‘No Filming’ During Their Spar Match

Just the last week KSI made it official in Adam Saleh’s “DMs” that he wants to spar Adam in a UK gym in the second week of August. But it seems like there is a twist in the story for the fans who were eagerly waiting to watch KSI and Adam Saleh in the ring.

KSI has said ‘NO FILMING’ of their sparring session! Yeah, you heard that right. American -Yemeni YouTuber Adam Saleh, who recently fought Waleed Sharks in Coca Cola Arena in Dubai messaged KSI asking whether he could bring in his camera guy to the gym to record them sparring.

‘No Filming’

To this KSI gave a monotonous reply ‘No Filming’. Here is the screenshot from their private messages which Adam posted on his Instagram story.

This means that all the fans who were waiting to see KSI back in action after a long time will not be able to see the spar. The last time KSI was officially in a ring was in 2019 when he beat Logan Paul in the rematch.

Adam Challenges KSI

After sharing the screenshot of their chat, Adam Saleh posted another video story challenging KSI to allow filming of their sparring session. He said “If you’re so confident that you’re gonna knock me out and you’re gonna beat me in a sparring match, then why arent’ we allowed to film it”? He captioned the story ‘What Happened To All That Energy @ksi”?

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The Paul Brothers always film their sparring matches and share videos of knocking out their sparring partner, said Adam Saleh. He added a poll sticker to his story asking the fans whether they want the sparring session to be filmed or not. The poll results at the time of writing this article are 79% YES and 21% NO. Tell us in the comments if you want Adam Saleh Vs KSI (sparring) to be filmed!

The Background

Adam Saleh was fighting Waleed Sharks and the match ended in a draw on June 30. This gave KSI the perfect opportunity to call Adam out!

KSI said Adam was beaten by a ‘kid’ and thinks that he could beat KSI in a boxing match. To thus Adam Saleh replies “i dare you to fight a real boxer your weight”.

The Internet personalities shared this part publicly where they replied to each other’s stories but now Adam Saleh has revealed that he will be flying to London in mid-August to literally face-off with KSI.

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