James Charles Receives Criticism For Accusing TikToker

James Charles Receives Criticism For Accusing TikToker

James Charles is also one of the influencers who have had a rough time online. The beauty guru recently uploaded a YouTube video titled, TikTok Makeup Hacks are Crazy. In the video by the influencer, he was going through TikTok’s famous looks that were created by employing certain hacks to make it all easier.

The makeup influencer saw a TikTok which was posted by fairy.freak where the girl uses two brushes to make her winged eyeliner. James commented on her technique claiming that it was a different eyeliner than the original cut. He said, “Gotcha good, gal. One video in and we’re already to the scamming artistry of it all.”

His comments did not go unnoticed by the user as she reacted to that clip of James’ commenting on her video. She posted a TikTok as she reacted by rolling her eyes with the caption, “Tutorial is up now”.

Users took to the comment section as they stated that James was the creator of the “scamming artistry”. Another user reminded others that the influencer had previously photoshopped a Louis Vuitton logo on his eye. Meanwhile, one user pointed out that he got famous for photoshopping his yearbook photo and lied about that on Ellen.

James also made the mistake of not crediting her look in his YouTube video after commenting on her “artistry scamming”. Some users supported fairy.freak as they stated that the look was the same as the first cut. A user said, “The first hack she does keep the same eyeliner she just fills it in.”

Meanwhile, another user directly referred to James and said he is the last person to be able to talk about “artistry scamming”. But other users were occupied thinking about how the influencer is regularly posting after his most recent scandal. A user also recalled that James Charles’ last merch drop bears a striking resemblance to Ethan Klein’s Teddy Fresh colour block hoodie.

James is yet to address the grooming allegations and the recent backlash he is receiving. What do you think about this criticism? Let us know in the comments below.

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