xQc Embarrasses Himself Trying To Copy Valorant Legend TenZ’s Aiming Accuracy

Well-known Twitch streamer xQc recently tried to level up his aiming skills, much like Valorant-pro Tyson TenZ. While the Valorant player TenZ has one of the finest aiming accuracies in the gaming world, xQc was not hesitant in trying to copy him.

After seeing TenZ’s aiming practice video, xQc was surprised to see him hitting every shot accurately! A furious xQc loaded up Aim Lab on his own system to show the world that he was no less. But what happened next?

‘Fu*k This Guy’

“Fu*k this guy,” said xQc while Aim Lab was loading up on his screen. What happened next was extremely hilarious for the stream viewers!

After xQc took TenZ’s aiming accuracy video as a personal challenge, he failed to deliver! xQc was flailing his mouse all over the screen to try and make the right shot, but in reality, he was just missing every single shot. Even xQc started cracking up with laughter, perhaps to avoid the embarrassment. Have a look at the video:

xQc’s Overwatch Days

Valorant legend TenZ plays for Sentinels team. xQc has previously been a terrific aim and fire player when he started off on Twitch with Overwatch gameplay videos. The streamer also represented Team Canada at the Overwatch World Cup from 2017-19.

As time passed by, xQc shifted to playing a wide variety of games on his streams. His Overwatch days are long behind and it certainly looks like xQc has gotten rusty with his aiming powers.

Recently, xQc expressed his frustration and disappointment with the state of Twitch. He believes that streaming has gotten very ‘odd’ lately and the reason is the increased swatting and other ‘weird sh*t’ that streamers are facing on Twitch. If you want to know why xQc feels that Twitch streaming feels ‘odd’, then click here.


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