Wikipedia Vandalism Forced Google To Lists Esra Bilgic As Yasir Hussain’s Mother

Pakistani actor Yasir Hussain, recently has on various occasions criticized Turkish stars and their respective work in Pakistani showbiz industry.

Yasir Hussain, the actor form ‘Jhooti’ spark the industry with his recent comments in the media, saying “Landy k kapray aur Turkey k dramay, dono hee local industry ko tabah kardein gay.”

After all the controversy haters started vandalizing Yasir Hussain’s Wikipedia page, listing the Turkish superstar Esra Bilgic as Yasir Hussain’s mother.

esra 2

Since then Wikipedia admins have protected the page and blocked the haters from making any more edits.

The whole Lollywood showbiz industry was bought to spotlight after the success of the Turkish series Dirilis: Ertugrul and popular Pakistani brands signing the Turkish stars as the face of their brand. This being the main reason Yasir Hussain started publicly speaking about opportunities Pakistani community needs to create for their own people rather than foreigners.

Yasir Hussain has a history of controversy in Pakistan showbiz industry, and haters never miss a chance to troll him. Latterly Yasir was trolled for dancing on Indian songs, and criticizing Esra Bilgic for her work and calling her “international garbage“.


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