Esra Bilgic – Here is How She Expressed Her Love For Khaadi Photoshoot

Esra Bilgic, the beauty queen from the blockbuster Turkish series Dirilis: Ertugrul, seems all in love with her photoshoot for Khaadi, Pakistan.

We know that the love of fans has grabbed Esra’s attention towards working for the major Pakistani brands. She has keenly invested her time to respond to the love sent her way from the fans in Pakistan,

Esra New 3 1

Esra Bilgic has worked with Jazz, QMobile, and recently with Khaadi as well. Just a single click from the photoshoot set social media on the storm as everyone gathered to admire her looks in traditional dress.

Esra Bilgic for Jazz 1

Her mesmerizing eyes catching the reflection of the sunset was like anything adding up to the beauty of that click. A traditional braided hairstyle suitable for the dress enhanced her looks up to the level of perfection. Here we have got some of the further details about her shoot!

Here is How Esra Bilgic Expressed Her Love for Khaadi!

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Well… it is not less than an honor that Esra is all in love with her photoshoot for Khaadi. A video has been going viral on social media with Esra Bilgic depicting love for Khaadi. Check out the video first!

Esra posted a video on her Instagram in which she was having a cup of hot coffee early in the morning. Guess what was special about it? Well… Esra had it in a mug by Khaadi. She also tagged Khaadi in her post while giving out her heart to one of the biggest clothing brands of Pakistan.

Here we have got the click that garnered much praise that was done for Khaadi, Pakistan. Take a look!

Esra for Khaadi 1

 when dresses up in any kind of attire, she looks super stunning. That’s the reason her pictures go viral right after posting,

Esra Feature 2 edited

We are now looking forward to what’s next on Esra Bilgic to do list for her ever-loving Pakistani fans.


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