WayV’s Winwin To Make Acting Debut With ‘The Shadow’; Fans Say ‘Dreams Do Come True’

The fans who were manifesting ‘Winwin actor is real’ have had their dream granted. Previously, the NCT and WayV member was in the spotlight for launching his own company.

Since the second half of 2021, Winwin has started performing solo throughout China. While his followers were wondering what he was up to; it was revealed that he had created a personal studio for his Chinese endeavours. When Winwin is in China, the private agency will handle all of his operations; while SM Entertainment will continue to oversee his group activities with NCT and WayV.

There had been reports that Winwin will be making his acting debut soon. They appear to be accurate, as one of the personal agency’s roles is to monitor Winwin’s acting initiatives. WayV’s idol has long expressed an interest in acting and now has the opportunity to do it. He was rumoured to have been cast in the Chinese drama, The Shadow, also known as ‘Ru Yue’.

The casting announcements were made public on October 25th; and Winwin was spotted during the production’s opening ceremony. And The Shadow, a Chinese fantasy drama set during the Republican era, is set in the United States. It tells the story of Shen Zhiheng; a well-known vampire who was saved from assassination by a blind girl named Milan and her best friend Situ Weilian.

Vengo Gao will play Shen Zhiheng, the main character. Ouyang Nana, a Taiwanese actress, has been cast as Milan, and Winwin has been cast as Situ; the second male lead. Situ is a surgeon who is 100 years old and characterised as frigid and secretive.

Winwin has also spent time with Ten, a WayV member. Following the success of his solo single Paint Me Naked and his collaborative track, Low Low with Yangyang. The Thai idol joined Winwin in China in the second half of 2021. In addition, Charlotte Tilbury’s China Magic Beauty line has scouted both Ten and Winwin as brand ambassadors. Ten also featured as a guest performer on the Chinese survival show, Street Dance of China Season 4.

#WinwinActor_RuYue has been trending on Twitter as ecstatic fans have tweeted things like, “Can you feel it? do you see it? ACTOR dong sicheng. the vibe is stronger than my immune system. Welcome DongSiCheng Actor, Let’s WINWIN”. One fan posted, “Nct 127 favorite is out and it’s a HIT, ten is a judge on street dance of china, winwin’s debut drama has started filming, nct dream is accepting an award, and it looks like sm may really be doing the Halloween party this year my life is so good!”


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