Will Dana White Allow Nate Diaz To Fight Jake Paul In A Boxing Match?

Jake Paul is one of the finest YouTube-Boxers on planet earth right now and there’s no denying to it. However, Jake Paul has not fought any real boxer to date. There are rumors that Jake Paul Vs Tommy Fury fight has been confirmed for December 18 but there has been no confirmation from either of the fighters.

If Jake Paul Vs Tommy Fury fight goes ahead, one of the two fighters will lose their professional win streak as both of them are undefeated at the moment. Jake Paul is 4-0 and Tommy Fury is 7-0 as a professional boxer.

Jake Paul Vs Nate Diaz

However, amidst all this there are also talks that Jake Paul could take on UFC Fighter Nate Diaz in a boxing match. The odds of such a match happening are slim but never say never. UFC Fighter Sonnenn sites the example of Conor McGregor Vs Floyd Mayweather match to explain that a Jake Paul Vs Nate Diaz boxing fight is not next to impossible.

According to Sonnen, Dana White might jump at the opportunity for a promotional event since a lot of hype and money would be involved in such a fight.

‘Can We Go And Do This Together’

“If you’ve sat down and asked Dana, instead of separating and parting ways, can we do this together?” Sonnen said.

“[A UFC fighter’s] contract and that [exclusivity] clause is very binding,” Sonnen said. “But if you can get the meeting, why try to exclude Dana?

“Does Dana go and try do business without you? Then why would you want to do it without him? Why not include him? At least have the conversation and say: “Can we go and do this together?”

Nate Diaz is approaching the end of his exclusive contract with UFC so the timing is also bang-on to have a shift to the boxing sport. What happens remains to be seen.

Jake Paul and Dana White have exchanged words in the past and both celebrities regularly take jibes at one another. The UFC Boss recently challenged Jake Paul to fight Anderson Silva.


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