Watch Logan Paul Reveal Ridiculous Way He Lost MrBeast’s $1 M Creator Games Competition News

Watch Logan Paul Reveal Ridiculous Way He Lost MrBeast’s $1 M Creator Games Competition

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Time icon November 3, 2021

Logan Paul, a YouTube personality, revealed some details of MrBeast’s next huge challenge video; including how he lost the $1 million reward in a “chilling” fashion. MrBeast, a YouTuber and philanthropist, organised the Creator Games last year; a major multi-challenge competition among a plethora of famous influencers for a massive cash reward to be donated to the winner’s favourite charity.

MrBeast, on the other hand, has made no mention of the Creator Games this year; instead tweeting that he plans to develop his own adaptation of the #1 Netflix show Squid Game (even hinting at recruiting 456 people for the challenge).

If his statement in his current podcast episode is any indication; YouTube personality Logan Paul may have given a huge spoiler for MrBeast’s project. Paul said in a November 2 podcast that he’d recently returned to Los Angeles to compete in MrBeast’s Creator Games.

This year’s challenge, on the other hand, appears to be considerably different from previous ones; and it could be tied to the massive Squid Game project he teased a few weeks ago. According to Paul, the 2021 Creator Games pitted 15 influencers against each other in a series of ten tasks devised by MrBeast.

Logan’s final task was a “giant game of hide and seek,” played at SoFi stadium no less, which he lost in the coldest way possible. “Bro, I hid in a f**king 36-degree fridge for five hours in shorts,” he explained. “In the back of a pantry in the back of a cafeteria, and still lost! At 3 AM they found me.”

Given the nature of the competition and the proximity to MrBeast’s Squid Game announcement tweet; this may not be just another Creator Games. Regrettably, there’s no way of knowing for sure until it happens… However, given MrBeast’s track record, his own Squid Game challenge might be just as exciting as the event.

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